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Lycoderm Amlac 12.5%

Intensely hydrates and moisturises rough areas on the skin.
Use on dry problem areas to gently exfoliate and soften skin.

Contains: D-Panthenol & ammonium lactate 12.5%


Lycoderm KP Cream (Keratosis Pilaris)

Scientifically formulated blend of moisturisers, alpha hydroxy acids and humectants to aid practitioners in the treatment of Keratosis Pilaris


Lycoderm LP 50 Ointment (50:50) WPJ/Liquid paraffin

Simple & effective basic skincare. Emollient ointment for the symptomatic relief of dry skin conditions.
For use as a daily emollient; bath additive or skin cleanser.
Free from fragrances and colourants.


Lycoderm Lotion (Glycolic acid 10%)

A non-oily chemical exfoliator to improve uneven skin tone, reduce fine lines and improve overall skin texture on the face.
Practice pearl: Synergistic action with Hydroquinone preparations such as Kligmans Formulations
Contains: Glycolic Acid 10%


Lycoderm Gel (Glycolic acid 15%)

Chemical exfoliator step-up treatment with higher strength Glycolic acid.
Practice pearl: Ideal to use for sun damage on hands, forearm, neck and chest.
Contains: Glycolic Acid 15%


D-Panthenol 9% Foam

A soothing foam formulation for after chemical or mechanical resurfacing.
Use: Suggested as an immediate post-procedure application to improve
soothe, heal and hydrate irritated skin.
Contains: D-Panthenol 9%
Aloe vera Hyaluronic acid


Lycoderm Post Procedure Cream

Ingredients with proven clinical benefits to assist your skin’s ability to heal better and recover faster.
Use: Suggested as soothing aftercare for skin barrier repair after facial procedures.
Use in practice or patient home-care.
Contains: Vitamin K1 1% , 4-EB & Arnica oil


Lycoderm Eye Cream 10ml

Specially developed to diminish the appearance of under-eye dark circles. The new combination formulation of powerful active ingredients to treat bags and dark circles by acting on lipolysis, activation of microcirculation, reducing swelling and stimulating the skin firmness.
Contains: Vitamin K, Vitamin A & Plant extracts


Lycoderm KP Wash (Keratosis Pilaris)

Contains a unique blend of fruit acids, oils, enzymes and moisturisers combined with D-Panthenol to provide a gentle lather for use as a wash in the treatment of Keratosis Pilaris.


Our skin treatment range offers a basic, single ingredient approach to offer an effective, yet affordable skincare solution. Scientifically based ingredients at high inclusion rates, stripped from marketing hype and unnecessary ingredients.

 Niacinamide 5% Gel

Enhancement of skin barrier integrity, effective moisturiser, reduce the signs and symptoms of inflammation.
Contains: Niacinamide 5% (Vitamin B3)


Vitamin C (lipid soluble) 10% Gel-Cream 30ml

Unique lipid-soluble Vitamin C. Gives skin an illuminating, brighter, more radiant glow.
Contains: Lipid Soluble Vitamin C 10%

Retinol 0.5% Cream 30ml

Smooths and refines skin texture, accelerates skin renewal and reduces the
appearance of ageing.
Contains: Retinol 0.5%


Alpha Lipoic Acid 5% Serum 30ml

Improves the appearance of fine lines in photo-damaged periorbital and upper lip area.
Contains: Alpha lipoic acid 5%

Urea 40% Nail Silicone-Gel 30ml

Effective therapeutic option to restore rough, thickened skin & nails to a healthy appearance.
Contains: Urea 40%


Urea 40% Heel Balm Ointment 100g

Effective therapeutic option and keratolytic agent for use in skin conditions associated with thickened, dry and scaly areas on the feet.
Contains: Urea 40%




Glycolic Acid Peels 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%

Chemical Category: Glycolic acid (GA) is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) peel.
Use: GA is one of the most commonly used and versatile
peeling agents.
Lycoderm GA Peels are available in various
concentrations ranging from 20%– 70%. The higher the concentration and lower the pH and the more intense the peeling.
pH: Non-buffered with pH ranges between 0.08 – 2.75.

Requires neutralisation with a suitable solution.


Salicylic Acid Peel 20 – 30%

Chemical Category: Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that breaks bonds between the lipids within the skin.
Use: Often considered the “gold standard” superficial
peel for use in individuals with excess sebum production
leading to acne vulgaris. Salicylic acid has a cumulative
dose effect when applied in multiple layers.

Salicylic acid is self-neutralised by the skin’s lipoproteins.



TCA Solution 10-100%

Chemical Category: Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is a chemical cauterant and causes denaturation of the proteins in the skin (presenting as white frost on the
Use: Wide variety of applications depending on the concentration used and selection of appropriate strength is critical when performing a peel. Depending on the protocol and application procedures, TCA may be
used to produce superficial to medium depth peeling with concentrations from10-50%. Several dermatologic and aesthetic procedures use TCA 70-100% as spot application for skin scars, atrophic acne scars and xanthelasma.

TCA cannot be neutralised.


Lycoderm Radiant Peel

Ingredients: Salicylic acid 20%, Glycolic acid 2.5%,
Lactic acid 2%, Kojic acid 0.3%
Composition: Contains a unique blend of mild acids to
provide a gentle superficial peel to improve complexion,
accelerate skin renewal and reduce the appearance of
Use: Ideal for patients with acne-prone skin, scars, large
pores and anyone seeking to improve the texture and tone of their skin.
Suitable for use on all patients of all ethnicities.
pH: 2.8

Lycoderm Radiant Peel is


Azelaic Acid 20% Resorcinol 10%
Phytic Acid 6% Peel

Ingredients: Azelaic acid 20%, Resorcinol 10%, Phytic
acid 6%
Composition: Each ingredient uses a separate mechanism to inhibit melanin synthesis. Ingredients also exhibit antibacterial and comedolytic properties.
Use: ARP Triple Peel solution is an effective and safe
peeling option for use in patients with melasma.

Use neutralising solution to deactivate once desired ablasion is achieved.


Jessners Peel

Resorcinol 14%, Salicylic Acid 14%, Lactic acid 14%
Composition: Jessner’s Peel is a well-known chemical peel pioneered by Dr Max Jessner. This combination provides a homogenous disruption of the epidermal barrier for controlled frosting.
Use: Penetrates the skin and removes congested sebum and dead skin. Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin.

Jessner’s Peels are not deactivated with neutralising solution after application


Modified Jessner Peel

Salicylic acid 17%, Lactic acid 17%, Citric acid 6%
Composition: Modified Jessner’s Peel replaces the
resorcinol component in Jessner’s Peel with citric acid in
an attempt to reduce the risk of allergic reaction and sensitivity to this ingredient.
Use: Indication is similar to Jessner’s peel - comedonal and mild/moderate inflammatory acne-prone skin.

Jessner’s Peels are not deactivated with neutralising solution after application


Neutraliser Solution

Formulated with active ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate and aloe vera extract to effectively neutralise the reaction of chemical peels on the skin.